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The main purpose of this website is to talk about the novels I've written, translated, and published together with my sister Kate.

To save a young woman from a band of marauding students, Lord Simon bespelled her into the walls of his house, a spell he discovers he cannot undo. Pushing his magical skills to the moral and physical limits, his reputation and his house crumble around him. His obsession to save a woman long thought dead may yet drive him mad.

Richard: The Ethics of Affection explores the tangled web of politics, romance, and magic that results when Richard St. Clair succumbs to a love potion. He's an engaged man, after all, and a recent government appointee. Now he must scour the city for the identity of his foe and find a way to ethically express the desires of his heart.

Aubrey St. Clair was merrily making her way up the social ladder of high society. Then somebody went and turned her into a cat. And intends to vivisect her. Hardly her idea of the ideal debut. But as she discovers in Aubrey: Remnants of Transformation, perhaps becoming fully human is the last thing she really wants.

Persuadable takes on the nemeses of Jane Austen's Persuasion: the scheming Mrs. Clay and the wily Mr. Elliot. As they size up each other and their companions, the two turn out to be the most grounded characters in the novel. Who says a couple of gold diggers can't find true love?

Fox & Wolf is a young adult fantasy about a werewolf and a kitsune (a werefox). When Ami Tokudaiji and Yuki Yamakawa end up in the same homeroom class at Osaka's most exclusive girl's high school, they're going to figure out how to become fast friends or kill each other trying.

Serpent of Time is a historical fantasy about the daughter of the last emperor of Japan's defeated Southern Court. Caught up in a failed revolt against the shogun, Fujiwara Ryô seeks sanctuary on Mt. Kôya. There she is cast into the future by Kala Sarpa, the Serpent of Time.

Did Mr. B, the famously redeemed rake of English letters, romance his great love or abuse her? To answer that question, Mr. B Speaks! puts the man on trial for his literary crimes. Now he must defend his actions before skeptical scholars and an unsentimental judge.

Adaptations of Jane Austen's most beloved work too often transform Fitzwilliam Darcy into the stereotypical alpha male of Regency romances. In A Man of Few Words, Darcy offers a more "balanced" view of the relationship between himself and Elizabeth Bennet.

Angel Falling Softly is an urban fantasy about the wife of a Mormon bishop who strikes a Faustian bargain with a literal Wall Street vampire to save her daughter's life. In the end, the price of redemption may prove weightier than either of them could have anticipated.

In the cross-cultural romance, The Path of Dreams, the guy and the girl deal with the temptations of the flesh the way many BYU students do: by getting married. But even then, the spirits of their ancestors won't leave them alone until much more gets accomplished.

Tokyo South follows the adventures of a Mormon missionary in Japan during the late 1970s. This largely autobiographical account depicts an overzealous religious bureaucracy turning the gospel into a cynical game of numbers and spiritual one-upmanship.

Previous publications, including links to stories I wrote for The New Era and translations for Digital Manga Publishing, are listed in my bibliography. My translations of Fuyumi Ono's Twelve Kingdoms novels can be read on this website or downloaded as ebooks.

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