August 04, 2014

Twelve Kingdoms (update)

I've revised Shadow of the Moon and A Thousand Leagues of Wind. The biggest changes are in the terminology, replacing "royal" references with "imperial" and "king" with "emperor/empress" (I still refer to Shoukei as the "princess royal").

This, of course, had a downstream effect on other word choices.

Along the way, I've edited for clarity and readability, standardized the formatting and nomenclature (especially capitalization), corrected several translation errors, and have undoubtedly introduced a whole bunch of additional typos.

A Thousand Leagues of Wind is in a bit rougher shape, as it's longer and I haven't given it as much attention as Shadow of the Moon. But I think this version is a definite improvement.

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# posted by Anonymous MD
8/04/2014 10:35 AM   
Thank you so very, very much. If you have a donation link, please kindly direct me to it.
# posted by Blogger Eugene
8/05/2014 8:48 AM   
Much appreciated. Well, I suppose the easiest way to toss a few quarters into the cup is to buy a book (with, of course, no obligation to actually read it).
# posted by Anonymous Chris
8/05/2014 3:16 PM   
Thank you for the wonderful translations.

I was rereading The Shore at Twilight, thought I'd point out typos along the way:

Chapter 05
* When Taiki returned to Mt. Hou I took the opportunity to return to Mr. Hou and met with him. *
Should be "Mt. Hou" in the second instant.

Chapter 17
* "Wow," said Kaikai, appealing to Risai with a look of wonder and expectation on his face. *
Should be "Keikei".

* And then a man she'd never seen before, and a golden-haired child." *
The closing quotes should be removed.

Chapter 21
* Every since that day, Risai had been an outlaw. *
Should be "Ever".

Chapter 26
* You don't say, Risai thought to herself, but couldn't repeat this to Enho *
Sentence lacking a full stop.

Chapter 39
* Except that Taiki may now appear to this world as a foreign substance, and would as a consequence be rejected him. *
Something is wrong with the ending of the sentence. "Be rejected by it", perhaps?

Chapter 43
* He nodded once, acknowledging the strange new kingdom that appeared before him *
Sentence lacking a full stop.

Chapter 44
* At the end of the day, I was willing claw my way out of there in order to escape that pain. *
Should be "willing to claw*.

Chapter 49
* p. 242
But of course, Risai thought, looking back at him. *
Remove the page reference.
# posted by Blogger Eugene
8/06/2014 10:01 AM   
Fixed. Thanks.
# posted by Anonymous Lims
8/09/2014 4:13 AM   
Thank you so much for the extra effort!
Much appreciated.
# posted by Blogger Aozora
8/10/2014 6:32 AM   
Thank you very much for the update. Thank you also for the revised epub/mobi I appreciate it very much
# posted by Anonymous Mike
8/18/2014 4:33 PM   
Thank you so much, as always.